If facing the paper, your thought is 'I am an artist', you have no clue what to do. If the concepts of your function are, 'I am a shape maker, an entertainer, an expressive symbol collector'...then you have an explicit road map. Edgar Whitney

Sunday, April 18, 2010

18 April 2009

Love Poem

I carry you draped on my neck
like a tape measure

a ribbon coiled
shiny side rolled out

a dimpled thimble
I thumb the indentations

my pocket is filled with
these bits of you


  1. "draped on my neck / like a tape measure" brilliant. Also "I thumb the indentations" wonderfully evocative. Great work, yet again. =)

  2. Another wonderfully crafted poem. Its strength is its length. Each couplet has it own merit and device. Mysteriously, it moves me. Bravo!