If facing the paper, your thought is 'I am an artist', you have no clue what to do. If the concepts of your function are, 'I am a shape maker, an entertainer, an expressive symbol collector'...then you have an explicit road map. Edgar Whitney

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14 April 2010

Lessons in Gymnastics

The Dutch gymnast has a backward facing leg
her round off with a perfect pike finish
a fine example for the half a half-penny
moon girls up the ladder who dive
wild into the empty air.

I'm a disappointing acolyte flexible yet afraid
of her fearless tumbles even as she drags
her leg behind her. She mutters, " you're too old,
much to old the fear has a firm hold."

I'm older still the terror of revolving in mid air
owns my left leg and drags me behind.

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