If facing the paper, your thought is 'I am an artist', you have no clue what to do. If the concepts of your function are, 'I am a shape maker, an entertainer, an expressive symbol collector'...then you have an explicit road map. Edgar Whitney

Thursday, April 1, 2010


NaPoWriMo is here. 30 poems in thirty days. When I tweeted this on my Twitter channel, one chap said it was a worse idea than NaNoWriMo. Since I can do without the negativity, I blocked his arse. I do love that feature on Twitter. It says something for the digital age that we can create our own personal wonderlands that prop up our egos, is that not so?

So here it goes, I'm having a crack at it. Feel free to leave your comments. I doubt I will block anyone, but I am not making any promises. Goggles down...

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